Statement on Gender

Thanks for reading our Statement on Gender! As a team, our top priority is to build an app that will empower all Tufts seniors to have a safe, inclusive, and enjoyable experience on JumboSmash during their final semester at Tufts. The following is an explanation of the choices we made when designing the app and of how the team thinks about gender.

What are these used for?

When you set up your profile in JumboSmash, you’re asked to indicate:

  1. Gender Identity: The gender identity/identities you identify as.
  2. Gender Preferences: The gender identity/identities of the people with whom you’re interested in matching.

There are three options for each question: woman, non-binary, and man. These options are not mutually exclusive, and users are welcome to choose as many as they like. The three options are used to show you profiles based on your gender preferences.

You are shown profiles of people who:

  1. Have selected gender identities matching your selected gender preferences
  2. Have selected gender preferences matching your selected gender identities

Essentially, that means that all swiping in JumboSmash occurs between people who have selected compatible identities and preferences.

For example:

If you identify as NON-BINARY, MAN and indicate that you are interested in WOMEN & NON-BINARY, then you will see anyone who has non-binary and/or man in their gender preferences.


So, for instance, the person with the settings shown above would see both of these users, in addition to others:

example_2 example_3

Who can see my gender identity and preferences?

Your gender identity & preferences are only visible to you. For more info on who will see you while swiping, please refer to the “What are these used for?” section.

Can I opt into showing my gender identity and/or pronouns?

If you feel comfortable, feel free to put your pronouns, gender identity, and/or any other information about the way you identify in your bio. We encourage you to express yourself to whatever degree you wish in your profile.

Can I select more than one option

Yes! These options are not mutually exclusive, and users are welcome to choose as many as they like. These preferences can be changed at any time from the settings page, and they will never be shown to anyone else on JumboSmash. For examples and more information, please refer to the “What are these used for?” section.

I don’t feel represented by the options given | Why are these the available options?

We’ve designed swiping on JumboSmash to be an intentful, comfortable, and safe experience. We recognize that gender is spectrum, and encourage you to select whatever combination of identities represents how you would like to swipe on JumboSmash.

We have chosen to limit the amount of options to the three available to prevent targeting on the application. Allowing users to filter by inputtable gender identities would allow for very specific targeting based on gender identity, which could make JumboSmash unsafe for gender minorities. This is not a risk we are willing to take.

Do I have to filter / be filtered?

If you’d rather skip the filtering so that you can see and be seen by everyone, you can do that! Just select all three gender identities and all three gender preferences, and you’ll be able to swipe on all JumboSmash users.


I’m confused by the gender selection. Which do I choose?

We encourage you to interpret these options however makes sense to you, regardless of your assigned gender at birth, or societal beliefs about gender. We believe that what matters is that you choose what makes you most comfortable!